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Valentino Guerra
Valentino Guerra

UI/UX designer & Web Developer

I believe you can learn anything with an internet connection and a bit of grit. But knowledge without practice is just theory.

If you're looking for a creative mind with a different point of view, you've found the right person.

Built with modern tools

This website was built using Next.js 14 from Vercel, and all of its content is managed from Notion. Most of the imagery was created using image generation AIs such as or

The text content of the articles is written by me, however I usually let ChatGPT fix my grammar issues since I tend to express my ideas without paying much attention to grammatical rules when I am on output mode.

The fusion of these technologies has given birth to this website, a testament to the pinnacle of human evolution and technology. For you to enjoy.

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July 9, 2023
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July 9, 2023