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✨ Human, The Personal Website Template

December 11, 2023
Human, The Personal Website Template

Show who you are and what you do

The Human Framer Template offers an effortless solution for launching your personal website. It serves as a dedicated space for integrating social networks, showcasing your resume, and facilitating contact, providing a glimpse into your personal and professional life.

Designed for ease, the Human Framer Template empowers you to create an ideal personal website, even without web development expertise. Built on the intuitive Framer platform, Human enhances user experience by utilizing customizable components. Simply replace the provided content with your own, and decide on the layout presentation.

Personalization is fully within your reach - you can tailor every element to your liking! This is the true charm of Framer. And remember, if you find yourself needing assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm always ready and eager to lend a helping hand!

✨ Main features

Built in Framer: Compatible even with the most basic plan, starting at $5.
100% Responsive Design: Seamlessly adapts to any screen size.
Showcase Your Resume: Allows interested individuals to preview and download your CV.
Direct Contact: Enables visitors to send messages directly to your email through your website.
Personal Narrative: Share your story, detailing who you are and what you do.
Career Timeline: Visualize your professional journey with a step-by-step timeline, featuring detailed images and links to related content.

Custom Implementation

With the custom implementation, I'll be customizing the template to fit your profile. This means I personally handle all aspects of the Framer development, ensuring it truly reflects who you are. From adapting the layout to integrating your content, I'm committed to making your personal website distinctively yours.

🎯 Here's how it works:

Within just 1-2 days, I'll transform the Human Template into a website that's uniquely tailored to you. I'll adapt its design and content specifically to your style and preferences. It's about creating a digital presence that truly reflects your individuality.

🌟 What I'll need from you:

First, links to your social profiles will help me understand your career highlights, past projects, and other significant aspects of your professional journey. Additionally, if there are any particular moments or achievements in your life and work that you want to feature, let me know. For the visual touch, either direct me to your online galleries or send your chosen images directly to me. My goal is to create the most authentic representation of who you are.

Don't worry; after your purchase, I'll reach out to you via email to gather all the necessary information. ;)

The journey to perfection:

The job isn't done until you're nodding with a smile at your new website. There are no limits to revisions here; we'll tweak, adjust, and refine until every pixel resonates with your personal brand.

💡 Do you want even more?

If you're looking to add something extra to your website, like a new section or a special feature that the standard Human Template doesn't cover, that's absolutely possible. These extras are not included in the base price, but I'm more than happy to work with you to figure out a fair price for the add-ons you need. It's all about building a website that truly fits what you want. Let's make it uniquely yours. To get started, get in touch with me!

⭐ Get custom implementation

Built with Framer

Framer is a popular web design and developing tool used by companies like Uber, Dropbox, and Google. It allows users to create interactive web and mobile app designs without coding, offering features like animations, transitions, and API integration, with a design mode resembling Sketch or Figma.

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