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November 1, 2023
About Me

Valentino Guerra

This is the description that was attached to me when I entered Earth… or maybe it was written by ChatGPT.

Valentino Guerra, a name whispered in the windy coastal city of Mar del Plata, Argentina. Born and raised in this small town, he embodies the spirit of adventure and independence. A true athlete at heart, his passion for sports knows no bounds. Whether he's sprinting through life, throwing punches in the boxing ring, or chasing after a football on the sandy beaches, he finds solace in the pursuit of physical excellence.

But he is not limited to the realm of sports. His insatiable thirst for knowledge drives him to learn independently, reveling in the freedom to control his own pace and destiny. The world is his classroom, and he eagerly explores unknown territories, seeking hidden gems and forging unforgettable memories alongside his trusty friends.

Contemplation of the future consumes his thoughts, like the tides that forever shape the coastline. He yearns for a life unencumbered by material possessions, envisioning a nomadic existence fueled by his digital prowess. With a wellspring of creativity coursing through his veins, Valentino is both his own harshest critic and most ardent supporter.

A young soul on the verge of discovery, standing at the crossroads of his destiny. His journey through life, shaped by the burdens of creation, beckons him towards a future filled with endless possibilities.

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You can support my work by purchasing some of the digital assets that I have on sale on my LemonSqueezy store.

Valentino Guerra Store
Valentino Guerra Store

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